Innovation in pricing at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Innovation in pricing at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

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Enticing people to choose your venue when there are so many options out there on an overabundance of internet sites is the challenge you face every day. With increased price transparency, savvy shoppers are making lowest-cost both a requirement and a very difficult target. Dynamically adjusting pricing through Pricing and Revenue Management is a key tool you can use to gain competitive advantage and increase revenue and yield.

It all sounds simple, right? We don't think so either. But JDA can help.

JDA Pricing and Revenue Management solutions deliver real results fast:

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“Hotels that follow SNAP recommendations consistently see a lift of 2-4 percent in incremental unit revenue….including some hotels that saw gains of 20-30 percent.”

Thorsten Kirscke, President of Americas, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

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