Cognitive, Connected Commerce with JDA Luminate™

With JDA Luminate, you can now harness the power of the cloud, AI, ML and IoT to drive smarter, more agile digital supply chain transformations for greater results. JDA Luminate powers end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain and enables you to make faster, more profitable business decisions. 

By bringing together leading AI/ML data science and innovation from Blue Yonder and combining it with JDA’s leading supply chain solution portfolio, companies can get real-time predictions, insights, and recommendations that turn thousands of data signals into a competitive advantage.  With Luminate solutions you can grow revenues, increase profits and seamlessly deliver on your customers’ expectations.


JDA Luminate Solutions

  • JDA Luminate Assortment: Enables fast, visual assortment development and hyper-localization, leveraging data science to identify unique customer signals driven by purchase behaviors, channel shopping preferences with the ability to predict product relevance by customer group and location and prescriptive inventory quantities for every location of the enterprise.

  • JDA Luminate ControlTower: Builds upon real-time visibility across the extended supply chain, enabling cognitive insights across planning and execution, collaboration across multiple enterprises, combined with machine learning-based prescriptive issue resolution.

  • JDA Luminate Pricing: Automatically sets revenue- and profit-maximizing prices based on current and historical data, with powerful algorithms scientifically determine the optimal price for different points in each product's life cycle.

  • JDA Luminate Replenishment: Calculates demand and optimizes order decisions by store, product and day, with independent forecast calculations for each store and product for unmatched accuracy, fewer out-of-stocks and less product waste. 

  • JDA Luminate StoreOptimizer: Delivers a holistic view of store events and operations by leveraging data to optimize workflows simplifying decision making for store associates and managers that unlocks more time to focus on delivering excellent customer service.

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