Is your supply chain always in crisis mode?

It doesn’t need to be. With real-time visibility across the digital supply chain, you’ll gain access to a built-in crisis control center that warns of impending disruptions and recommends corrective actions before those disruptions occur. JDA's award-winning Luminate Control Tower enables you to adjust demand and supply on the fly based on real-time data, as well as insights and prescriptive recommendations powered by machine learning (ML) from Blue Yonder. Luminate Control Tower helps ensure your supply chain decisions are both strategic and profitable.

Better Visibility

You’ll get real-time supply chain visibility into on-hand and projected inventory levels and inbound/outbound shipments with JDA Luminate Control Tower.


Reduced Expediting Expenses

Better Orchestration & Collaboration

With JDA Luminate Control Tower, your company can see, plan and act on real-time information from suppliers, factories, distributors, retailers and customers.


Increased Planning Efficiency

Better Decision Support

Using ML, JDA Luminate Control Tower analyzes data at scale, generating prescriptive recommendations to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunities.


Reduced Inventory Investment
Watch this demo to see how JDA Luminate Control Tower uses ML to predict and resolve unexpected supply chain disruptions. Watch this demo to see how JDA Luminate Control Tower uses ML to predict and resolve unexpected supply chain disruptions.

Predict and prevent disruptions with JDA Luminate Control Tower

Now you can connect the disconnected parts of your digital supply chain, enabling real-time visibility and collaboration, from planning to execution. You’ll be able to easily understand and leverage data signals from the digital ecosystem, and use ML from Blue Yonder to sense and respond to risks and opportunities. Using JDA Luminate Control Tower, you can make quick corrective actions, conduct what-if analysis for different resolution options, and make more automated and profitable business decisions!

Mercedes-Benz Journey for Real-Time Visibility

Hear about how they use their digital control tower to predict and prevent supply chain disruption.

Luminate Control Tower App

Manage your supply chain anytime, anywhere

With JDA Luminate Control Tower Mobile, you can see, analyze and act on insights gained from digital signals across the supply chain in real time – all from the convenience from your mobile device.
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“JDA’s strategic goal is to deliver an autonomous supply chain that relies on visibility as its foundation but adds predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as leveraging context-sensitive self-learning capabilities that help orchestrate the supply chain from end-to-end … Nucleus expects JDA to further push the boundaries on the visibility and control that customers can realize.”

Seth Lippincott, Nucleus Research, Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2018

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