How can Demand help my business?

The first step in fulfillment is creating an accurate forecast that’s shared across the organization. That’s where JDA Demand comes in. JDA Demand gathers information from both passive and active data points, organizing and delivering proactive, prescriptive insights for improved forecast accuracy. This powerful cloud-based solution helps you develop a collaborative forecast that effectively predicts and shapes consumer-driven demand across segments and throughout complete product lifecycles. By segmenting orders by product, geography and channel, JDA Demand allows you to apply your resources strategically and profitably. 

Take your forecast accuracy to the next level with Luminate Demand Edge, a SaaS solution that extends and enhances your current demand solution by leveraging machine learning to develop highly accurate, probabilistic demand forecasts that can incorporate hundreds of real-time demand signals. 


  • Advanced statistical modeling, handling any sales pattern
  • Dynamic demand shaping with machine learning
  • Management of new products and product transitions
  • Harnessing big data and IoT to capitalize on market opportunities
  • Reducing costs through collaboration and consensus building


  • An accurate forecast, produced efficiently
  • Improved buying and decreased excess and obsolete inventory
  • Fewer out-of-stocks, reducing lost sales and increasing revenue
  • Low-touch, self-tuning forecasting algorithms that produce excellent results, with greater efficiency

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